I am selling my 74 Imperial Lebaron as seen here on the clubs web site.  The 74-75  Imperials are essentially the same car as a NY’er only fully loaded with all the options including factory 4 wheel disk brakes. My car came from the Henry Blair collection in Atlanta. I have totally rebuilt the engine,  driveline, and everything works. I belong to the Chrysler 300 Club and drive this car to all the club meets. I have many spare parts that I have accumulated over the years, that would go with the car at no addition cost. The engine has a new steel crank with aluminum heads, a special Hughes cam and rocker arms, custom fabricated .030 over diamond pistons with H beam rods, thermos-quad that was recalibrated and rebuilt with the proper fuel safe parts, all these items were installed to improve its mileage and drivability with today’s fuels. I did not build this car to drag race and wanted it to appear as stock. The car has all new ball joints, tie rod ends, sway bar links, every bushing in the front has been replaced.  The power brake booster was just rebuilt last summer by Booster Dewey. The frame and firewall were painted in the original Sahara Beige, and detailed when the engine was out. The steering box has been rebuilt by  Firm Feel in WA to their number one setting. The castor and camber have been adjusted, this allows the car to handle like a modern vehicle with very positive road feel, unlike the stock over boosted power steering, I added a rear sway bar so it is a pleasure to drive. I replaced all the speakers with Infinity’s and added a 300 watt bass amp in the trunk, but did not cut anything so it looks stock. I have a lot more information and details if you are interested, The car is currently located in Rochester NY. I have recently acquired another Chrysler 300 that will replace the Imperial as my go the meet car, and that is the main reason why I am selling the Imperial. Currently the car is in storage. I am asking 5500 and have more than that into it, the bumper plating alone was 2200 not to mention the costs of the engine rebuild, so I think it if a fair price. I want this car to go to a good home. I will not sell this car to a demo derby guy who just wants to sell the engine separate, and then destroy the body.  Contact Jamie Hyde at jamie.hyde@optimation.us for more information.